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Toronto at the risk of Housing Market collapse?

In recent survey conducted by Swiss Bank UBS ranked Toronto on Top among 25 Cities around the world on the risk of housing market collapse. When there is not enough housing supply to its growing population and supply can not expanded in short period of time and thus problem arises of Property prices going high.

Prior to 2019 major Canadian banks were offering low interest rates and that lead to spike in demand for new houses with less supply. According to UBS report Toronto has highest UBS index score of 2.24 followed by Frankfurt 2.21, Score above 1.5 is considered as Bubble risk.

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UBS report stated that housing prices and Vancouver and Toronto tripped in last 25 years making them highest at bubble risk in north America.

Find out Top 25 Cities in the world here on UBS index

1. Toronto

2. Frankfurt

3. Zurich

4. Munich

5. Hong Kong

6. Vancouver

7. Amsterdam

8. Tel Aviv

9. Tokyo

10. Miami

11. Los Angeles

12. Stockholm

13. Paris

14. Sydney

15. Geneva

16. London

17. San Francisco

18. Boston

19. Madrid

20. New York

21. Singapore

22. Milan

23. Sao Paulo

24. Dubai

25. Warsaw

Read out the full report here:

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